And the award for coolest pants I have ever owned goes to:
After the couch had its fill, the cat was neither seen nor heard from again.
Cody came with me to the laundromat! What a winner. The laundromat, however, not a winner.
I don’t know why, but I enjoy taking pictures of Cody with stuffed animals on his shoulders. #mcm
Just got this packet from my new job! How cool is this!?
My boyfriend is a classy jacket model.
I have created Eziobama. Is he not beautiful!?

#costumeshop #ezio #obama  #assassinscreed #uspresidency #barack (at Chicago Costume - N. Halsted)
It still blows my mind that this is where I live now.
The train ride home yesterday was pretty.
So….this is where I live now. #Chicago
We got creative with the fridge magnets tonight. People shouldn’t leave moveable words around if they don’t want the inevitable innuendo flood.
So this is what it’s like where I live at night. Kinda quiet. #Chicago #rogerspark
Julia looking serene #inthisoctopus.
This! Is my roommates! #inthisoctopus
These two goobs being all gooby.